Friday, August 27, 2010

School Lunch Ideas...all in one place.

It's Lunch Revolution Time!  Please Take a minute to check out the rest of the Party, and thanks very much to Scattered Mom for Hosting this Blog Party.  I'm sure you'll find something useful.  There's recipes, tips and go and check it all out! 
It's time to get back into packing school lunches for Ike.  Like most kids....his lunch is always better received when it is tasty, interesting, fun, and not too repetitive.  The school Ike goes to is 'Nut Aware' as well so this means that making his lunch takes just a little more time and thought.  I try to change it up enough that he doesn't get tired of any one meal and I'm always on the look out for new ideas and recipes.
Ike is not a big eater yet, and with the 15 minutes he has to eat his lunch, a large lunch would never get eaten.  I have really liked packing his lunch in a bento box as it keeps everything together, is interesting looking, and I can use silicone or paper muffin liners to separate the different foods.  I have boxes in varying sizes and use the one most appropriate for the lunch I am making.  He takes a wide mouth hot thermos on days when I've made a hot lunch and carries a freezer pack or frozen juice box for days he has a cold lunch.  We always have left overs from dinner the night before.....and if it's something suitable for the hot's fair game. 
Even if you are making something as simple as a tuna salad sandwich.....cut them in fun shapes or even just in fingers.......much more fun that a regular sandwich.....really.  Small serving size and a bit more variety means Ike will more likely finish his lunch.  Fruits are peeled and sliced (tossed in lemon juice if needed) and ready to eat........seriously he only has 15 minutes to eat......and lunch time is crazy!
These are our common nut free lunch choices:

Sandwich on Bread, Bun, or Pita
  • chicken salad
  • ground ham and sweet pickle with miracle whip to hold it all together
  • tuna salad
  • flavoured cream cheese ribbon or pinwheel sandwiches
Not A Sandwich
A Hot Thermos Lunch
Keep the hot stuff hot by filling your hot thermos with boiling water while heating your lunch meal.  Once the meal is hot....dump out the water and dump in the hot lunch.
What About Veggies
  • Veggies & Dip
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Avocado tossed in dressing
  • Pickled beans, carrots, asparagus etc
  • Vegetable Cocktail or Tomato Juice
    Something Sweet
    Emergency Lunches for the Hot Thermos
    • Canned chunky soups with crackers
    • Lean Cuisine type frozen meals (when they are on sale for $1 I pick up a few)
    • Canned Pork & Beans & a Bun
    • Canned Spaghetti (I think it's gross but Ike likes it)
    As with any canned out for the salt content...some brands are better than others.


      Scattered Mom said...

      Oh my goodness! You have AMAZING lunch ideas! I love the list! What a great job-the octopi weiners are hilarious.

      I think I'll make a list of links over on chasing tomatoes of lunch ideas, and you're going to be on it :)

      LittleRed said...

      Thanks for stopping by:) I've had so much fun using bento boxes for lunch....I might enjoy making them more than Ike likes eating them...

      Michelle said...

      I repeat what scattered mom said.Wonderful list of lunch ideas..