Monday, April 26, 2010

A Perfectly Perfect Day

 We had a perfectly perfect weekend here (after our little bit of snow melted).  Ike was complaining that I haven't been spending enough time with him Sunday was an Ike Day.  We set out a picnic blanket, read books, watched clouds, had snacks, tried to fly a kite (not enough wind) and lazed about.  In five years time I will remind him of how 'he used to want to spend time with me'.
This morning he's back off to school after a nice little breakfast of eggs in a basket.....(Cooking with Daisy's recipe from Meet Me at Mikes)  They were quick and easy, tasty and cute to boot!  While lurking about Meet Me at Mike's, I followed a link over to here and ordered a little something for me....any guesses??  After the Ginger Beer success......I've been checking out Mike's other recipes and have liked what I've might too!   
Ike has a little surprise in his lunch box this morning:)   We haven't made these little octopi in quite a while. I hope that your day will be perfectly perfect as well.......or at the very least, deliciously delicious:)


Ruby Star said...

hah, lucky Ike. All good stuff. Enjoy your day.

Jeannie said...

That China is hilarious :)

LittleRed said...

Did you figure out which one I ordered?? I want to have it on hand for just the right visitor to use.....Maybe you if you're lucky?