Wednesday, February 27, 2008

These are a few of my Favourite Things

To be honest, food is one of my most favourite things....I mean.....Ya gotta eat? Right?? Well if you're going to eat, chocolate has got be somewhere at the top of my list. This recipe was prepared for the same Swap-Bot recipe postcard swap I mentioned earlier. This recipe has been around the block and I'm not sure how far it dates back. I got the recipe from my neighbour Rosemary M. when I was a little girl in Thunder Bay. She was an uber mom way back before it was "Martha Trendy" to be so. She made clothes for her family, quilted, baked almost everything, gardened extensively, knitted mittens and caps for her family on her knitting machine, was a very good cook and had a real interest in being self sufficient. She never had any daughters, and maybe because of it, she was very nice to me as a child. She passed away quite a few years ago now, but leaves behind a lovely family, and to me, a few recipes and a love of Thornton Burgess childrens books. Rosemary gave this recipe to me back in about 1977. I think she said she got it from a ladies magazie like Canadian Living. In any event, this recipe has been used a lot! If you like Chocolate and Cheesecake, you'll probably like these. They are practically no fail too. At least I've never had a problem with them....

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