Monday, August 2, 2010

Those Sheets were the Grooviest!

While collecting the vintage sheets I needed to work on this quilt project, I found sheets that were the same as ones that I remember having as a child.  The blue version of them is in this quilt in a few places.  That was probably one of the most fun things about this project.  Well as I am back at mom and dads house...I had to poke around at old photos and what did I find....but a photo of me sitting on my bed.....with those very same sheets...too funny....we were so weren't we??  Now I'm actually OK to show you this photo because I actually look much better here than in most old photos.  Mum would have curled my hair in this one as it was poker straight and usual kept short (in a pixie cut....UGG) or in pony tails.

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