Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coddled Eggs and Giveaway Winners

After spending a week alone, everyone is back now and we took our time getting up.  It's raining lightly here and the post man almost woke me up.  Isn't it nice to get presents from the post man first thing in the morning.  'It's a good thing I cut the grass before this rain started', I think as I bring my parcel back to the kitchen where breakfast is on the make.  My egg is coddling away in a pot of simmering water, making my morning seem a bit warmer.  I'm just going to enjoy my breakfast, and then I can see about getting my clothes dryer looked at.  So, if your morning is a bit chilly and you'd like to try a coddled egg, go here and and try out a recipe for yourself.  My perfect coddled egg simmered 1/2 submerged in an egg coddler for 9 1/2 minutes with a refrigerated egg.  A room temperature egg would take about 1 minute less.  I  added only a pinch of salt and pepper and a few drops of cream to my egg before simmering.  It was perfect for dipping with toast:)  Have a great day....OK!  Before I get going though....I wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by  for the Lunch Revolution party.  Hopefully you found some worthwhile information and fun at all the participating blogs.  And also a congratulations to Noreen, who made the 10th comment for the CSN Giveaway......I'll be emailing her this morning.

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And also to Shaz for entering the International Giveaway for the Bento supplies and lunch cookbook.  I'll be sending that package out this week.  Stop by and check her delicious blog if you are looking for something new to try.

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shaz said...

Thanks so much! VEry excited about winning :) And the coddled eggs sounds like a beautifully warm way to start the day.