Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Month of Cookies-Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies-10

OK I'm taking a cookie baking break today as I have already posted the recipe for this one before.....but I did want to include this one as it is a 'definite October bake' in my house!  So go on over here and check out the recipe as I can guarantee you will love it.  Today will be busy enough as I will be making a turkey dinner because it's Thanksgiving Day here in Canada.  Life here has been so extremely busy here with school and a new job starting up at the same time......I am enjoying the long weekend and the chance to slow down.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take pause and reflect on the important and positive things that we tend to overlook in the hasty scramble of everyday life.  So let's reflect and see if I can find 10 things to be thankful for...................
I am very thankful for,
  • a healthy and adorable family
  • friends who I consider family
  • really wonderful memories of those who are no longer here
  • people to turn to if I was really in trouble
  • a safe place to live with unlimited opportunities if choose to take them
  • a job that  fits around my life and takes me to interesting places and people
  • while I am probably not perfect....I really LIKE me
  • that I have all the things I need and probably too much of what I want as well
  • for all the multicultural exposure and interest in the world that comes from being Canadian
  • all that I've been able to experience to much to see and little time
Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome list :)

Hope you and the boys had a great Thanksgiving.

Hugs and kisses