Monday, March 15, 2010

The Lucky Ferry Ride

Spring break was promising to be a bit dull for Ike, so after a hasty last minute tidy and a very rushed job packing....we were off......on a little Victoria.  Ike had not been back to  Vancouver Island in four years, but he still remembered his last Ferry ride there.  It had been a spectacularly lucky and unlucky ride as a pod of killer whales had followed along side the ferry and we got to watch them for a good five minutes or more.  That was quite lucky, now wasn't it?  The unlucky bit was that the moment we stepped out onto the deck DH's brand new glasses were blown off his face and straight into the ocean.  We were very fortunate on our ferry ride this week as you can see from the photo that we were the last car let onto the ferry......well actually the second last because they had us move over to the side and were able to let even one more car in after us.
Ike had a great time on the drive....we listened to two Harry Potter books and it was very amusing to see how drawn into the story he got as he mimed the actions to the drama in the back seat.  It's nice to know that kids still enjoy books these days!
We had a nice visit with family and Ike was entertained by trips to the Bug Zoo, the beach, the playground, and China Town's Fan Tan Alley.  I always like to take some time in China Town.  Although it is nowhere near as large as Toronto's China Town, it is Canada's Oldest China Town, and Fan Tan Alley is really quite nifty!  I was equally entertained with a trip to my favourite tea shop, and to several thrift shops where I found some beautiful things.
I'm now really looking forward to our summer trip in the camper van as we will be heading down this way again.


Scattered Mom said...

It's always been my fear, even as a kid, that the wind on the ferries would knock my glasses off. But it never happened so I always thought that maybe I was being just a bit paranoid.

Ouch! So sorry it happened to your Hubs. I'd have been really irritated!

Glad you liked Victoria. It looks like the weather was nice for you, and it's always great there during spring break. :)

LittleRed said...

We were pretty surprised, that's for sure, and we had a super time too:)