Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Lovely...... Lucky..... Day!

It's a beautiful day with all the promises of our Spring soon to come.  This year's poor snowfall is on it's last legs and it is only a matter of time now.  Grass is visible here and there and soon there will be big beautiful puddles everywhere and we'll all need to find our rainboots.  I make a point to jumping in the puddles with Ike every Spring.  Spring was such a fun time when I was little.  Sure it's chilly and wet.....but that's what homemade soup and buns are for!  mmmmm.....note to self....make some buns today!
Well after depositing Ike safely at school, I returned home to check my emails only to find out I had a surprise in my in box.  I had won a Giveaway that I had entered last week at Bead Happily Ever After.  How fabulous is that??? 
Well it gets even more fabulous as I scroll down my in box (I should really clean it up) only to discover another such message from another Giveaway that I had entered.........I thought I'd share with you these two pretty things. 

This one is a print from A Mile A Minute.  They both just drip with Springishness....don't you think?  Now I just feel guilty winning two such pretty things.........but I'll get over it:)


Bee said...

Hi little red, it looks a bit colder at yours than mine but springs coming to us both shortly. :) Great time of year. What a lucky girl you are winning two things this week. Bee x

LittleRed said...

Oh it's warming up.....Aren't I lucky, I rarely win anything, so this has been highly unusual and quite exciting:)