Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ike's Little Brewery Experiment- Day One

The Gingerbeer Factory
Before spring break started, I had noticed a recipe over at Meet me at Mike's for making homemade gingerbeer.  I thought that it might make a nice and easy little experiment for Ike to do over the holiday.  Since we made our impromptu trip to Victoria that little experiment was put on hold.  Well this morning we remembered and we started our little brewery to make some of Ike's Hard Gingerbeer.  I think the actual alcohol content will be extremely negligible(enough so that kids can drink it too) but we can measure that in a few weeks when it's ready.  The whole process takes 3 weeks from start to finish, and we (well I am anyway) are excited to see the end result.  If we at all like the taste of the finished product, I did find another recipe  that I am also curious to try using fresh ginger.  Then we will have a basis for comparison.  All you need is a 1L (4 cup) container (mine is much bigger since it is what was handy for me), powdered ginger about (1/2 cup), sugar, yeast, and water.  Have a look at the recipe over at Meet me at Mike's if you'd like to try it as well.  If you'd like to try a version using lemon and fresh ginger, have a look at this one.  Very little is required for effort each day so it's just a perfect project for Ike to look after.

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