Monday, April 21, 2008

Three Down and Three to GO

That's three knit felted purses completed! I think I've liked this one the best so far. This one is black and is lined with a purple oriental design satin. I pondered this one a lot before I actually sat down to finish this one off. For me, the finishing, particularly the decoration of the front of the bag, is always a challenge. Maybe more so in this case as I wanted to keep to just black and not introduce any other colour. Also it seemed to the perfect fit for this Vintage coat button that's been wasting away in my button jar. I'm happy to have found a project to use it on.....Really like that button. Boy, I should really get out more...... I ended up trying to mirror the theme of the inside fabric....branches with blossoms, on the outside of the bag. My initial plan was to do the embroidery work in black floss but that did not work out for me as the black bins were picked clean at the opening of the new Michael's store here. It turned out to be a happy misfortune as the closest colour I could find was a dark charcoal, and...I turned out better than black. Had I more creative embroidery abilities, I would have tried for more of a cherry blossom, but lazy daisies will have to do for now. All in all, a very satisfying knit and felt project. Today it is in the mail on it's way to Paris to a new home. Now, only three more bags sit waiting for dark brown, one ecru, and one??? If you'd like to make one of these bags see previous post for the link to MagKnits.

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