Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beginners Embroidery Swap

I signed up for a beginners embroidery swap to warm up to the idea of embroidering again. I have not done embroidery since I was a kid and this was a nice low pressure swap to get into it again. I remember there being preprinted items all ready to embroider, but now I see the things I've really liked have been made from vintage transfers. I have since found a few here and there in thrift shops just waiting for the right occasion to try them out. For this swap I went to a site called sublime stitching. I liked the look of some of their transfers. Go here to check them out. They have published a book with tons of transfers in it called Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Embroidery Patterns. I chose the one pictured above for my swap partner and hopefully she liked it. Also, I covered a little pocket calendar in a Paris scene and threw in a Kermit since she had a thing for him. It turned out OK. Another site worthy of a look is right here if you're looking for vintage transfers.


Amanda said...

That's cute! I really like Sublime Stitching's patterns. This is for the swap-bot Blogging and comments swap, I like your blog! I'm bookmarking it so I can check back. I've had fun with this swap, I like visiting blogs I might never have otherwise. So far all the ones I've found I really like! I hope you have a good day,
Love, AmandaC

Jenny said...

It's it embroidery by hand or by machine? i've been attemping to machine sew - think i may have found a craft i can't do (along with knitting!). i'm one of you're partners for the blog and comment swap by the way on swap-bot!

Lovelyart said...

I love this kind of things like swaps too and this is so crafty. Love your blog and will be here more.