Friday, April 4, 2008

Red Felt Project

Another red felt project to use up some of the red wool felt I picked up from the thrift store. Further evidence of my swap-bot addiction, but none the less a very cute little project. It is a small felt pincushion, which was just the right size to complete in an evening. It was my first try at this project, and in the future I would do things a bit differently. If I make another one, I will put a circle of cardboard inside the bottom to help make it sit flat, and also insert a small bag of pellets for some weight as well. All in all, a very satisfying project which could be improved with some modifications. I have seen this style of pincushion on a blog some time ago, and if I find the link I will post it here. I've been looking in vain for a blog which mentioned using punchies of some description to cut out little flower shapes from felt. I think it was the same blog. One of these days I'll track it down, I really should organize my bookmarks.

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