Sunday, March 8, 2009

Valentine Apron Swap...Vintage Style

I have now taken part in two crafting swaps organized by Aunt Pitty Pat over here. This was for a Valentine Themed apron swap. Since my apron...(I'm hoping has arrived at it's destination by now) I can post a picture of the one I made. I used the pattern from the book A is for Apron of this vintage style "Lorelei" apron. I have always been intrigued by vintage apron patterns, and there are quite a few vintage knock offs in this as I was buying groceries one day......the book just leaped into my cart.....and I didn't kick it out. I have found the lack of proper patterns in the book to be quite frustrating to say the least. It is not an easy task to enlarge a standard book page by 400%, and at least with this pattern there were no alternate suggestions to otherwise size alter the apron. I was so looking forward to this swap because I like apron making....but never imagined it would be difficult to find seasonal prints. Now why this should have come a shock to me is surprising really since our only fabric (chain) store closed in January due to leasing issues. I would have also thought that Walmart....which usually has a pretty good selection of cottons would have brought in some valentine such luck. As a last resort I tried the mildly over priced quilting shop in town to find out that they had only one Valentine print in.....and I didn't care for it at all:( So I was forced to go with Valentine colours alone. I ended up with a very cute rosebud print and a coordinating pink fabric.....but finding suitable binding and rick rack also proved to be somewhat of a problem. I ended up with some that worked out OK and ahead I went. Only to experience a jam in the sewing machine the likes of which I have not encountered in quite a long time...thank goodness! I ALMOST thought I had to buy a new machine. It took about an hour of frustration to be able to figure out the problem I had changed the needle after the jam and put in the wrong kind of needle!!! I changed the needle again and all was right:) ..............and I got it done and in the mail just in the nick of time. On the positive side of things.....I have enough left over fabric to make the apron again using the fabrics in the opposite it will be pretty darned pink.....and maybe that's OK too??? It might be perfect to match these little cuties.

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