Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello Spring:)

Doesn't it just look like spring?? Well I didn't think so either as I took my camera with me on the morning walk to school. Would you believe it snowed again....Not much mind you....BUT REALLY!....It's supposed to be melting....not making more......we already have enough.......
Snowbanks like that are not going anywhere very quickly. I have chuckled at people who have taken the time to use their snow blowers on their yard in an attempt to get rid of the snow quicker....but this year.....I'm a little tempted myself. I have never been one to get cabin fever....I enjoy the winter......Christmas for me would be very wrong without snow.....but this one is trying even my patience.
The kids are enjoying the mild temperatures! Warm enough to enjoy the snow play at recess time. And the kids that play soccer and ball hockey on the streets have already been out in shorts. Actually, on this walk to school I spied a kid wearing a hoody and shorts....I should have snapped a photo. But we are all waiting for the big melt! And the signs of it are coming! Doesn't this just look like fun:)


Alison said...

That is crazy snow for end of March . . . nope, still not missing the shovelling, but I'm missing you!

LittleRed said...

Just getting Ike ready for school now and it's snowing AGAIN!