Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Felt Coffee Cozy for a Nice Friend:)

Sometimes friends surprise us in the nicest of ways:) And surprises are just the best....aren't they?? I do get packages in the mail fairly often from taking part in craft swaps. But I didn't expect to get a nice little package from a co-worker after I got let go from work. This lady knows that I collect teacups and saucers and was kind enough to package up one and send it to me. I've had her address under a magnet on my fridge for over a month now....wanting to send her a little thank you note and little something back.......and finally I figured out what I would make for her. I took some of my felted red Melton cloth and made a template from an old Starbucks disposable coffee cozy. I made my template a bit bigger (one inch taller and one inch longer) and went from there. Go to this post for a link to a printable template if you need one.
My first test used needle felting and embroidery to decorate the cozy and finished the top and bottom edge with double fold bias tape. Because I used felt, it was not actually necessary to finish the top and bottom edge, but I thought it added a little contrast. The seam at the back is covered in some embroidered ribbon before applying the bias tape. An even simpler approach would have been to trim all edges with pinking sheers....but that is for another time.
My second attempt was decorated with felt applique (always a favourite for me) and edged with a blanket stitch in a contrasting colour embroidery thread. Rather than sewing the back edge closed this time, I sewed on two buttons which also added some decorative appeal.

This of course started a button hunt to find two matching buttons that were appropriately sized and coloured for this particular cozy. Ike loves the button jar just about as much as I do and the final decision was his. We wanted the buttons to be rather flat so as not to be too obtrusive when holding the cup and when I could not decide between the blue or yellow....Ike decided that they were both good choices....so there you have it...all buttoned up and ready to go. Now I just need to write up a little thank you note and I'm done:)

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Gecko said...

What a fantastic idea! People are soo creative! Wow, imagine where this could go!?!!