Monday, March 9, 2009

It was a Lovely Lellow Weekend

We had a lovely (although mostly indoor) weekend....partly due to the fact that Ike is suffering from a bit of a cold, which we are slowly succumbing to....and partly due to the little cold snap we are experiencing here. It gave us time to work on some model building, and some pizza making...both things that Ike likes! I took the opportunity on Saturday to go into town for some groceries and made a quick stop into the thrift it happened...there were a few things with my name on them....and they all seemed to be yellow (or lellow as Ike said back when he was 1 1/2 years old). The yellow sheet is brand new and has been added to my vintage sheet pile. I have a project in mind for them and have been collecting them for a few months now....more on that a little later! I was also pretty pleased with the little yellow Royal Albert Pin dish and........ well, all of it actually....or I guess I would have left it in the store:) Later on we juiced some fruit (another one of Ike favourite activities) because we had a mango which was getting too soft to eat......and it was lellow too...well kind of anyway! Yummy mango, strawberry, pear and apple juice.......Ike figured it was just the right combination to fight off those pesky cold germs!

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