Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Little Red Hens

A few weeks ago the deal on Propane Grills at Costco became too much. Apparently the state of the existing Grill became too embarrassing to use at the neighbourhood pot luck so an new one was in order. This is the new brute. Weighing in as 250lbs, it was no easy maneuver to get this thing home, but finally it sits assembled and with all parts accounted for. I was pretty darned excited to try out the rotisserie, since I had never, yes never used one before in my life. Based on the enormous size of the rotisserie skewer, I opted to roast 2 chickens at one go. It could have quite easily handled 4, but I really had no need for all that cooked chicken. Hmmm maybe next years neighbourhood pot luck! Anyway, last night I loaded up two birds and gave them a little rub down with a bit of butter and sprinkled the heck out of them with Lowery's seasoned salt and let it go for a little over an hour on medium heat. The temperature on the grill was reading about 300F. And this is what we got.
Dinner was a salad on Romaine lettuce with crumbled Blue Cheese, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, orange peppers, roasted chicken, and a sweet onion vinaigrette. It was a nice way to use up the chicken. Earlier this afternoon some of the chicken became a chicken salad sandwich and tonight some more is being used up in chicken fajitas with grilled peppers and onions.......And still almost one whole chicken left to use up. Here's hoping we don't get all chickened out.

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