Friday, August 22, 2008

Candy Cane Ornament

I just got word this swap has arrived, so I can now post this picture. I had forgotten all about this one actually. I've signed up for the monthly felt ornament swap at swap-bot and this months theme was candy. Since it's a Christmas ornament, I thought a candy cane would be appropriate. This is yet another project made from the red wool felt fabric scrap I picked up from the thrift store some time ago. I cut out two candy cane shapes in red, and top-stitched the white stripes onto one of them and then blanket stitched the two red canes together with a small piece of red ribbon sewed into the top. If you enlarge the picture I think you can see exactly what I did. Since I don't yet have any white wool felt, it is accented with acrylic felt and some small pink beads. It is now enjoying the weather in least it won't melt!

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