Monday, August 18, 2008

Bye-Bye Birdie & Felt Ornament Too!

Two more swap-bot swaps are in the mail and on their way to their new homes. One was for a blue Christmas ornament swap, and the other was for an amigurumi swap of summer animals. For the ami swap I chose this pattern at Bitter Sweet and sent one identical to the one pictured. It is a quick little project (so you know I liked it) and just perfect for the beginner.........also a good selling feature in my book.
The felt ornament is a pretty blatant copy of one I saw in a card store last year. To finish it off, I sewed in a very small loop of deep blue ribbon into the top, and sent it with a ornament hook for hanging. Of course the colour combination I chose for the ornament is different that the one I had seen, and I believe they used buttons instead of the glass beads that I used to act as berries on the ornament. I was really happy with the way they turned out, and just as happy to have them out of my house........I have too much clutter already. I used felted wool fabric to make the body of the ornament, and acrylic felt, embroidery floss, and glass beads to embellish it. There are unlimited options for how you might choose to embellish it. It also was a fun, quick project just perfect for a little Christmas gift. When I straighten out my Corel Draw Issues, I'll add a pattern for this although it is dead simple.

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