Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicken Tikka Masala For Dinner

Tonight I was intrigued by an old episode of America's Test Kitchen where they made a version of Tikka Masala. I am a big fan of East Indian inspired cooking, but do not often cook East Indian meals. So....... with some prompting, I decided to give it a go. You can go to America's Test Kitchen to see the recipe if you'd like to try. My thoughts on the recipe were, that it lacked a little of the flavour complexity that I had anticipated and the tomato flavour was a little too pervasive. That being said, the dish was pretty good, it just fell a little short on flavour. I think it might benefit from extra onion, and some green cardamom. I will have to investigate some other recipes for ideas on what spices to try before I try it again. It was a nicely laid out method and I will try it again. This little experiment did also give an opportunity to try out my Polder Temperature Probe, which is a handy little tool which takes the guess work out of cooking meat in the oven. I am sad to say I've had this little baby tucked away in a drawer for some time.......and I just love it! If you choose to try this recipe be forewarned that you should use caution when deciding what cookware to use in a broiler. I just ruined one of my favourite nonstick cookie sheets from Costco. Oh well! Lesson learned:)


Gecko said...

I envy people with tastebuds like you...mine often can't tell the difference between spaghetti bolognese and lasagne!! Maybe it's coz I was raised in the bush, but I'm always asking people 'what does it need???' when i cook because i can't tell!!!

LittleRed said...

Mines not that finely tuned.....but we don't need to let everyone know:)

Robyn said...

I made chicken masala at home once too, and I got the same results - lacking some of the flavor that would have been there in an Indian restaurant, and too much tomato flavor. I haven't tried again because I'm afraid it will take me 30 tries to get it right.