Friday, February 22, 2008

Sometimes I Like to Bake;)

Sometimes.....I like to bake. This was a wedding cake I made for a relative's wedding. I have now made three wedding cakes for friends and relatives. As long as they understand, it's going to look like I made it for them, everything was fine. It's just one of those things that you wonder if you could do. I thought about making one for my own wedding but opted not to since I figured there would be enough things to worry about. In retropect, I really wish I had. My purchased cake certainly looked no better than if I had done it myself, but more importantly, it tasted much worse. A few years later, I had the opportunity to make a small wedding cake for a friend's wedding, and then a few year after that, I made the one shown here. This one was all white cake. Each of the three tiers had a different flavour fruit filling and each level was torted into four layers. The bottom tier had alternating fillings of apricot and buttercream. Middle tier had lemon and buttercream, and the top tier had strawberry and buttercream. The apricot was my personal favourite. The couple saved the top tier in the freezer and ate it on their 1st anniversary. They said it was good. Hopefully it was!

This cake was a bit of an undertaking as I baked the cake layers, torted, filled and froze them at home two weeks before the wedding. Then packed them all in a box with dry ice for the 10 hour drive to the wedding. The dry ice I would highly recommend as everything was frozen solid at the end of the drive. This was the first time I had tried it. Once at the wedding hall, I used their kitchen and assembled and iced the cake. Even though the decoration was extremely simple I think it ended up taking over 4 hours. I have tremendous respect for the talented people who do this for a living. I was really pleased with the cake itself, but not so much with the decorating. But after all I don't do this for a living so......

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