Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Redwork Embroidery

My mother-in-law has always had this aborable little laundry bag hanging in her spare room. I think that was actually the first time I had actually seen a piece of Redwork. It has always intrigued me, and I think I even have a pattern book somewhere. In any case, I signed up for a Redwork Embroidery swap on Swap-Bot just so I could give it a try. Again, it has been many years since I have embroidered anything, so Redwork was a good fit for me as it is typically done all in the same stitch. I found some paterns here and here and got to work. The two Redwork designs were sent of to my partner in Reno NV and I did actually remember to take a photo first, although not very good ones.(sorry)

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