Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Cookies are Calling Me

They Call Me Softly from my Kitchen. They say no one is near....no one will ever know. Really it would be just between me, the cookies and the scale of course. I think this is one of my favourite cookie recipes. It is certainly one of the easiest ones, and because of just that very reason, my six year old son entered these cookies into a fall fair last year. It just happens to be a very easy recipe for a 6 year old to read, and not too complicated to measure either. With those attributes and the assistance of my trusty kitchen-aid stand mixer, it was an easy task for my little Ike. The most difficult task, was getting him to portioin out 6 similar sized cookies by himself. Since the "cookie portioning incident of 2007" I have purchased ice cream scoops in three different sizes to take out any of the guess work or difficulties. I can now send Ike into school with perfectly portioned cookies every time. This is very handy for bake sales as the cookies are all uniform in size. Those scoops are now one of my favourite cooking possessions. We just love this recipe......now maybe you can too!
To see the recipe card a little larger, just click on it. This recipe card was create using Corel Draw. I discovered I could make recipe postcards this way just a few weeks ago. I was thinking about how to make a recipe post card for a Swap-Bot swap and came up with this idea. For the back of the card, I've printed up sticker paper with all the lines you might find on a traditional postcard. I format the postcard front into a 4x6 size in Corel and print it out on photo paper and then apply the postcard sticker back. This has worked out pretty well, I think, and they are making it through the mail ok. So far they have made it to New Zealand, Costa Rica, the US, and there is one still on it's way to S. Africa.

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Cibele said...

I hate not having Peanut butter in Brazil!!! Grrrrr!