Sunday, February 24, 2008

Super Quick Sewing Project

I found the pattern for these little bags on Nancy's Notions and it was called a 10 minute totable. I cannot remember where I first saw them but I went on a google for quite some time to find them. There were quite a few patterns to buy, but this was the only free one I could find, and I think they turned out well enough. If I can find the link, I will post it right here, although they were quite easy enough to make. You can easily make one in less than a half hour, and they require very little fabric, a zipper, and a short piece of ribbon. I happened to have some quilted fabric in an oriental pattern, lots of 6 inch zippers from a clearance at Fabricland, and an overabundance of ribbon in my ribbon jar, so I was off to the races. Now that I have a serger I will have to revisit the project since that satiny fabric did tend to fray more than a simple zigzag could handle. But there was no problem at all, when I used a cotton like in the green holiday print above. I gave away a number of these that year for Christmas with homemade candy in it. One friend gave it to his mother, and she was in love with it's shape. She said it looked like a Joong. (A Chinese sticky rice and cooked meats wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed...very yummy)

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