Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Smore Pancakes

Ike came back from his cub scout winter camp out, talking endlessly about the smores pancakes they had for breakfast.  After promising for the last week to make them.....tonight he got lucky.  While we were having left overs........Ike got his smores pancakes.  There is not much to them really.  Just make pancakes and sandwich between two of them..... mini marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, and crushed graham wafers.  I found them to be quite sweet.....but Ike declared that they were just right!
It is best to assemble them quickly and to use pancakes hot from the griddle.  After setting 2 minutes......the chocolate chips were melted and the marshmallows were gooey.  Enjoy with a large glass of milk:)


Kate! said...

OHHHH MYYYY GODDDDDD! This looks amazing!

LittleRed said...

It is quite sweet and needs no additional syrup....although my boy is OK with extra syrup:)