Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Project- A Quick Pincushion

I'm back from a week long business trip in the US.  Phoenix was unseasonably warm and much quieter than I had expected for such a large population.  It was a good time, the highlight of which was definitely the day spent at the Bondurant Racing School.  It is always fun to drive in ways that would get you a ticket if you were to drive that way on public streets!  But now, it's the weekend and it's good to be home sorting laundry, unpacking and trying to catch up on what needs to be done next.  Somehow, in my absence, an entire tin of baked goods has escaped the notice of the I still have treats just in case someone pops by:).......of course the more likely out come is that I will eat by one.  
The chocolate slice and ginger slice are both good New Zealand recipes that have now become favourites here........let's just hope I can keep my hands off of them.......but I can't promise anything:)
After making breakfast for the boys, I started on my little list of things to do.  The first on the list was to get out a few swaps that have been sitting and waiting for a few last minute additions.  The pincushion above, I'm happy to say is finally completed and ready to go out the door.  For such a quick and easy project (less than an hour to complete)......I am too embarrassed to tell you how long I let it sit half completed.  Well now that monkey is off my back, and it is soon to be mailed. If you'd like to make really is an easy and quick project......go here for instructions.  ( I like to put a layer of steel wool in mine to help keep the pins sharp....but this is not necessary)  Or if you'd like to buy one already made......have a look here.  She also makes very nice crochet hook rolls which I highly recommend:)  Hope you have a great weekend!


Bean said...

Lovely pincushion, I recognize that fabric! It lines & appliques one of my favorite handbags, too! ;)

LittleRed said...

Thanks Bean! I'd love to see that handbag......I'm certain it was skillfully made:)