Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Road

We are on the road on a little road trip now down the Washington, Oregon, coastline and down to Eureka California.  Ike....still ripe with gold fever has brought along his gold pan for the ride.  He was rather insistent that Jim has cost him his fortune as he is pretty sure he had a nice nugget in his pan and "dad lost it".  There was quite a bit of complaining about that.  So far we have done a little camping......seen a bit of wild life and wild flowers.....shopped a little (not nearly enough......but after all, two boys are not conducive to the shop).   I am loving Jo Anns here.....what a great store:) and managed to spend a half hour in one without too much complaint.
We managed to be down here during the July 4th holiday and the fire works sales here are like nothing we  see at home.  We did suppport the fire works industry fairly well and purchased our own little stash which we have set off here and there along the drive.  This particular fireworks stand was the largest we encountered.  Ike did his best to purchase something from each of the sellers.  The pricing was very variable from seller to seller.  For example a set of 3 blue balls ( a ground display ball with a short fuse making a 5 ft diameter flower of sparks) ranged in price from $2 to $12 depending on the seller....or how foolish we looked....not sure which??  We also took in an impressinve 45 minute show in Chehalis Washington from the Home Depot parking lot and Ike had a good time setting off some of his own.

And that is totaly the kind of fireworks I'd be looking for...wouldn't you??  Quite honestly...if it wasn't insane....I just wouldn't be interested.


kiwicarole said...

Have a fantastic holiday!! Keep safe :))
(love your new look blog too!)

Anonymous said...

Hey, were the fireworks cheaper than at home?

LittleRed said...

Thanks Carole:)
We had a great time, and yes the fire works are a good bit less expensive than at home. Plus you can get ones here that would not be allowed in Canada.