Friday, July 9, 2010


We are now on day 6 of our vacation and have had 3 beach visits in the past few days.  We are all really enjoying the coast as it is always a big change over what we see at home.  But dealing with all the salt and sand is somewhat more difficult while travelling in the hippie wagon.....and I don't really have a good system down yet.  I had forgotten....sand is gross......and it's everywhere!
Our first beach stop in Washington at Fort Ebey had lots of little crabs for Ike to play with and all kinds of neat things washed up on the beach.  My least favourite of these things would have to the be massive (8ft long) seaweed type plant that DH decided he needed to play Indiana Jones with.  I cannot believe that he actually picked it looked gross.  
You can see the 'whip' he was playing with in the photo above winding around the rock at the top .  Sadly for me there is actually some skill involved in aiming such a device as my DH can attest to.  I was none too impressed when he flicked it and it wrapped around my head.  Good thing I was wearing sun glasses.  Hmm maybe his aim is not that bad after all??
Another beach stop at Fort Stevens had a very neat shipwreck to investigate.  I believe it is over 100 years old and attracted the attention of a lot of children and was a magnet for photography.  It was huge!  Quite a nice beach and it was a little difficult to drag Ike away.
The latest beach stop was at Canon Beach.  Such a cute little was Seaside to the north.  Both really great little places to spend the day.  It had great beach sand and was a fantastic walk with miles of coastline to see.  We'll be spending another day just a little further down the beach.  And of course we had to stop in to the candy store to get some salt water taffy.  I think I've eatten enough for quite a while.  Next stop after the beach....a Tillamook Cheese tour:)


Felicity said...

This looks like where The Goonies was filmed. I'm so jealous, I would love to travel down (or up) the coast. Thanks for sharing the pics! : )

Anonymous said...

Those Chinese comments are hilarious!!!

LittleRed said...

Goonies may have been filmed here....I have no idea. But I do find it very beautiful and always enjoyable:)