Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Luggage Weakness

I am, as anyone who knows me well could probably confirm, quite a little pack rat.  It is very difficult for me to throw out anything.........I ALWAYS have some notion of what future use it might have.......and throwing it out would be simply wasteful!  Right??  Hmm I wonder if that has anything to do with the difficulty I have in keeping the house not:)
I am trying to be a bit better about throwing out things that I might never get around to 'turning into a project'........but I's hard:)  Quite a few years ago I spotted these beautiful vintage pieces on the internet and thought about making one for myself.....How hard could it be ?????  Really!!  As yet I have not got around to it, but I have managed to find a few vintage suitcases.......should I ever get all the questions in my head answered about how to complete the project.  
For now......I'm just using this vintage case to hold some sewing supplies......sometimes.......I just like to open it up and look inside.   It makes me smile:)

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