Monday, January 26, 2009

A Quick lunch for Ike

While down in Vancouver picking up my new to me car, I was lucky enough to get to stop in at Daiso....which you may or may not know is my favourite Japanese dollar store. Well actually it's a two dollar store...but that's besides the point. I absolutely love their bento section. We have no availability of this type of thing where I live so I do tend to stock up when I go to Vancouver. Many thanks to Sandra for taking the time to direct me there....not certain if I'd have found it on my own or not? I find that I probably pack a bento box for Ike about once a week just to break things up a bit. It's all finger food in small sizes which is just right for Ike. Anyway, this was his lunch earlier last week. The little yellow container, also from Daiso, contains dip for his hard boiled egg.


Sandra said...

Love seeing the Bento all packed! I haven't done one for Nelson, but I will soon. Thanks for introducing me to this very cool lunch system.

The Mini looks great!

LittleRed said...

Hope you have fun with the bento:) and I am absolutely loving the mini!