Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in the Thrift Shops

I had not been back out in the thrift shops for quite some I was due. This time I was not looking for anything in particular, but managed to find a few things anyway. I found the colourful tatted doily and was intrigued by it as I understand that tatting is very slow work. I thought it might look good on some antique furniture so I picked it up. I also managed to find some sock knitting needles.......and I've been thinking about knitting some socks next. I've never tried it....but how hard could it be?? Right??? I actually picked up some sock yarn in Vancouver so I now I just need to settle on a pattern! I have a bad addiction....but at least it's a cheap one.... to vintage pattern I had to pick up the knitting and crochet books....but as I said...only 25 cents each...that's almost free right?? And the teapot was my best score. I just love little personal sized teapots.....and yes I probably have more than enough.....but this one is just so cute.... and it's lovely Polish Pottery. Who could resist it......well apparently not me:( Do you love it too?? You could buy one new right here if you'd like......but mine was only $4.99. Don't you just love a deal......well I sure do!


Kathy said...

I just love thrift much fun, and you did great!

Kathy said...

Ok so I am your SECOND Kathy, lol. I think both of us are from the swapbot blog exchange too!
Thanks for the reminder - thats what I am going to do on my unexpected day off tomorrow - go thrifting!
Love the food photos but not a cook so went to read the craft entries mostly. Very nice blog!