Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everything Aways Happens at Once:)

I'm sure it just seems that way.........But right now it sure feels like everything needs to be dealt with at once:( I've been sorting through all kinds of arrangement due to being laid off at work. I was...and am....actually looking forward to a little time off. The lay off was not unexpected as the industry as whole is under curtailment and it will take some time for things to settle out and return to normal. So I was well prepared and not at all upset at this turn of events. I do feel badly for the over one hundred others affected by this layoff who may not be able to financially absorb this event:( I am hoping to enjoy the extra time at home and with my family and friends as much as possible before it's time to get back to work. The list of things I'd like to do probably far exceeds the time I will have available. I've thought of renewing my membership to the potters guild at least for a few months....there are many household projects that I've had on my mind but never had the time to complete.....tons of crafting I'd like to do.....and now I'll have more time to make a proper supper. It's all good:)
One of the pressing things on my to do list has been to get a car to replace the Trailblazer that work had provided for the past four years. Well it looks like this'll be a done deal. After a lot of thought I decided that this was my best opportunity to get a Mini Cooper. Some of you will know that this has been my dream car for quite a few years now, and after hearing good reviews from a friend who bought one a few months back...I was convinced that I needed one too. After test driving a very cute one up in Fort St. John, I was fortunate enough to find one newly up for sale in Vancouver and in fantastic condition too. The biological parents of this car are amazing (in a good way) and the whole process has really felt like more of an adoption than a car sale. I'm hoping that they can find comfort in the fact that the car will be going to a good home. If all goes well......I'll be driving it home this weekend. I don't want to get too excited about it until I'm actually driving it home. Never count your chickens until they are hatched. I think I can post a picture from a friends computer later on today, so you can appreciate the cuteness of the car....which by the way well surpassed by the fact that it's just an awesome car.
But back to my original comment. It all happens at once..... I am a huge list maker and generally am OK with piling it on every now and again. Don't get me wrong...I don't thrive on stress....but I can usually get it done. But I almost had a moment of despair as I dropped my DH of at the airport so he could go fly to Calgary to pick up his new car and I listed to him all the things that had gone wrong that he was leaving in my lap as he started his little 'fun' trip back home to pick up his car.....for 5 days!
Thanks for leaving me to:
  • Drive you to the airport 30 seconds after I got Ike ready and dropped him off at school
  • fill my empty gas tank after the 1/2 hour drive to the airport and the trip to the vet
  • take kitty to vet appointment 15 minutes after dropping DH off
  • look after kitty with unknown tummy troubles
  • clean the 20 spots on the carpet from above mentioned troubles
  • deal with the crashed computer and no way to generate an agenda for that evenings PAC meeting
  • look after Ike and his croupy cough
  • line up winter tires for my new to me car
  • figure out how to use your GPS
  • arrange child care while I pick up the car

Yep....I was feeling a little sorry for myself.........but then it passed. I think it'll be OK now:)

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