Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Beading and...... More Snow

We have got a lot of interesting play out of this cute set of balancing Kiwis that we received at Christmas Time. Ike has tried his hand at coming up with many new balancing possibilities and this is just one of his original 'sculptures' as he calls them. Many thanks to our friends in New Zealand for sending them. It's nice to have toys with no noise:)

I tried my hand at some more beading, this time in a little more neutral colour scheme. I really liked the white round shell beads since you can see I've used them again. Yeah....another department in Michael's to get stuck in. That reminds me...they have some beads and findings on sale this week. It's been a busy time here as I need to buy a new car fairly soon and trying to catch up with lots of other little things. It's amazing how fast the day gets sucked away if you don't keep on track. I should scoot outside and take a photo before it gets dark so you can see the insane amount of snow we've been dealing with here. I actually got the 4 wheel drive stuck yesterday while picking Ike up from school. I had imagined that the snow was fluffier than it actually was and as I pulled into the unplowed shoulder leaving the cleared spot for other cars......I realized too late that I was stuck. It was a nice little 1/2 hour shovel to get out. Too bad I'd already had my run for the day. I was pooped after that, and did not make the supper I had planned. I opted for a quicker option.

This photo was taken just outside the front door. It's beautiful weather for skiing:) And while surrounded by all this snow I am beginning to question my need to own a Mini Cooper:(


Yarni Gras! said...

get the new mini called the Crossman. SO is souped up and all wheel drive. I'm just WAITING for it to hit the dealership!

Amanda said...

Snow - yuck. We got snow like that here (Redmond, OR) a couple of weeks ago. I wanted a mini cooper too, until I remembered the winter weather! They're still awfully cute cars though. I love the jewelry you made, the colors are really nice. :D