Monday, June 23, 2008

The Musical Fruit

I remember my dad singing the 'Musical Fruit' jingle too many times growing up. You know how the 777th time you hear it, it's really not as funny as the first time?? (By the way Dad, when I was little I thought they were hilarious, so keep 'em coming) Well fortunately for him, with my son......he has a fresh new audience for all his corn ball lines. And it's an audience that will quite likely split a gut laughing over some of Grampas Gems. I will silently hope that he does not train Ike to answer the phone by saying "City Morgue........You Stab 'em, We Slab 'em". My dad still thinks this one's a side slapper......even after 40 years, and actually used it to the surprise of the sales girl at "The Bay" who called my home with a pick up message earlier this year. I guess the really Golden ones are always gold. After 3 weeks at Grama and Grampas, Ike's sure to come home with some interesting stories. He has an amazing time each year at my parents cabin. There are a lot of renovations taking place this year and Ike has expressed concern that Grampa should be following Ike's advice on how the camp should be laid out. Where I come from Camp=Cabin for those of you who don't know. It's a very nice place to spend time with lots of things to interest a 6 year old and a 60 year old for that matter. One of Ike's favourite activities to do there (of which there are many) is to feed the chipmunks. This photo is from a previous summer, and he is already talking about it for his upcoming trip. He'll be in for a real treat as Grampa tells me that there is a family of rabbits that come right into his workshop, they are getting so tame. This will probably mean lots on chicken wire around the garden this year too!

Well my point here is.....the July issue of Fine cooking had me thinking about making beans. After soaking over night and a long and slow cook in the oven, this is what we have. Lots of beans! Surprisingly, I was not happy with the recipe at all and had to make extreme modifications for it to be paletable for me. I found the sherry and perhaps the thyme left far too much of a sharp bitter taste I did not enjoy. But some molasses, ketchup and liquid smoke helped it out quite a bit.......and it gave me a chance to use my bean crock. They just look so appropriate for baked beans don't you think?

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