Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Origami Shirt

Look what my friend Jeannie made:) I'm going to get off the computer right now and try it out. What a great idea to incorporate into a Father's day gift. You can go to her blog to see more cool card making creations, and she has a link to the instructions for making these adorable shirts, and other projects too. She's just getting into card making and has made some really cute things. I snagged the photo above straight off her blog.....I hope that's ok......but it's easier to get forgiveness than permission right. Also Jeannie is an absolutely awesome photographer. Take the link to her blog above, and at the top left of the main page click on View My Complete Profile, and then click on contact my web page. You'll see how absolutely beautiful her photo's are. I'm not exagerating here at all. I've actually sat down with a cup of tea to look at them. They are skillfully composed in my opinion. She sends me a calendar each year made of photographs she's taken and I am always amazed at how beautiful her pictures are.

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Jeannie said...

How sweet of you my friend! Thanks :)