Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Cakes...This Time..... Chocolate

Third Wilton cake decorating class out of the way now. I chose to do cupcakes this time since I thought it would be quicker than making a whole cake. Not sure if it saved me any time, but cupcakes sure are cute. I made a different butter cream this time, since the taste of the Wilton "practice icing' was so unappealing and it was quite a bit softer. Too soft in fact to make one of the Wilton clowns that we worked on this week. They turned out very cute (even for creepy clowns), but with the bumpy drive home after class and all the shaking, they would have fallen over looking like drunk passed out clowns due to the soft icing. Plus, each one amounted to about 1/4 cup of icing, and no one needs to eat that much icing on a cupcake. Especially not my 6 year old!
I don't think it shows well in the photo, but the icing colour on the cupcake is a pale lavender and actually looked pretty nice. I made the fudgy chocolate cake recipe from the Cake Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum which is a fantastic, must have book for anyone wanting to make cakes. The recipe was very easy, and the cupcake was very chocolaty. I had no real concept of all the baking and prep time required to take this course when I signed up.......... still, it has been well worth the effort. More cake to the neighbours to eat. I dropped these off next door after my lesson and they all still seem to be alive. So good, or at least good enough.


Anonymous said...

How many creepy passed out clowns have you seen?

LittleRed said...

Just one too many;)

Bean said...

too cool! I so need to sign up for a class like this, too!

Pjamms said...

Those cupcakes are just gorgeous! I would say they're too pretty to eat but, I mean, they're cake. Yum yum.

Nice job and thanks for stopping by my blog! It made my Sunday! :)