Sunday, September 25, 2011

Repurposed Sweater Project #2- Felted Kitty for Kitty

As eluded to on an earlier is the second small project from my sad shrunken sweater. 
Our cat 'Ginger' has this cute, yet annoying habit of stealing pairs of socks from the laundry and from unguarded cupboards.  Often you could hear her muffled meows as she called for her kittens with one such 'sock kitten' already being carried in her mouth.   She would line them up in a row somewhere safe and get ready to feed them.  I thought maybe she would prefer her own dedicated kitten to some of my sock pairs.......we shall see......I suppose.
I find Ginger likes her soft toys a little squidgy so I don't stuff them very firmly at all.  You could easily increase the size of the pattern to make a nice pillow for yourself as well:)  Go here for the PDF pattern and make yourself a litter.

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Bea said...

-excellent idea for a shrunken sweater! The 'kitty' for your kitty is so darn cute.