Saturday, April 24, 2010

Congratulations Schmidty:).......We have a winnner!

This morning after a LONG sleep in with the kitty.........I finally hauled my lazy behind out of bed to find this on the ground outside. 
Oh'll soon be gone, and besides the house is going to be hot today from making today's bakers challenge soon enough.  Check back in a few hours to see it.  But for now......I just wanted to let you know that using the number generator this morning.......a winner (#11) was selected.  If you count down the comments you can see that this is Schmidty (following as Rusthawk) who loves to eat cheese grits and homemade biscuits and sausage for breakfast.  Now that's not something you see around here for breakfast!  But while down in the US on vacation I've had these 'grits' several times now......and I love I do believe that does sound like a splendid breakfast idea.  Unfortunately you cannot even buy the cornmeal to make grits here:(  This summer when we take our trip down the Oregon coast.......hopefully I can find some to bring back:)  Thanks to everyone who stopped in and entered.  Back later with a very interesting Baker's Challenge! A big thanks to CSN for providing such an awesome prize!


Sharon said...

I won, I won!! Thank you so much! I just love these pots!

LittleRed said...

Congratulations Sharon! They look like just beautiful pans.....I hope you'll enjoy them! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to enter:)

Felicity said...

The snow- I can't believe it!! : O