Friday, January 15, 2010

Yummy Vintage Kids Books

There are some things that just take you back. Sometimes it's the smell of Playdoh or Dettol, an old song from way back or maybe a recipe your mom used to make that you haven't had in years. Lot's of times for me....all it takes is a walk through one of my favourite thrift stores. It never fails to amuse me when I find a little something that I remember from the houses I grew up in or the home of a relative or even a friend. Several years ago when Ike was about 2, I found this book in one of the local thrift shops. It's binding had fallen off and the cover was threatening the same......but I just had to have it.....(plus it was only 29 cents) I remembered this book so very well from when I was little.
For me, children's books have ALWAYS been about the illustrations, and Elizabeth Brozowska is one of my favourites. When I saw this sorry little copy....I just had to take it home, mend it and read it to Ike. I don't know if Ike appreciates its quaint and colourful pages.......but I still do.
This story was particularly well suited for Ike as he is also not a big eater.....although breakfast is not a meal he has issue with. Never the less.....I think he got the message. This is one of the books (and there are quite a few now) that I will hold on to.


Laura said...

what a sweet blog! This is storylaura from swapbot. I'm sorry I'm a little late with the be-my-follower swap, but I'm glad I'm here now.

Keep up the great work!

Felicity Lingle said...

Love the cover art!!

LittleRed said...

Thanks! This is one of my very favourite illustrators. Thanks for stopping by!