Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thread Crochet and Vintage Patterns

So.........You probably don't know this.........I have a thing for thread crocheted hot pads. When I find them (which I suppose is thankfully not that often) I always buy them. They remind me of ones one grama made when I was little. These days you will only find such things at thrift shops or antique stores.....thrift shops being my preference as they are usually less than a dollar each. I use them all......all the time (I use them to set my teapot on to catch any drips) I can say that they are not going to waste. For some strange unexplained reason....I will also buy vintage pattern books for knitting or crochet. This is strange to me as I'm pretty sure that following these patterns is at the very edge of my capabilities....but I just keep buying them anyway. I've now signed up for a swap (hosted by this crafty gal) to make a thread crochet item for the kitchen.....mostly to force myself to get on with it and use some of these darned pattern books. If you stop in at her blog link above....take a minute to check out the link to her etsy shop.....she makes the most beautifully crafted crochet rolls for storing you hooks. I have one and I just love it:)
Thread crochet, more than anything, has frightened me the most....It seems much more difficult than crocheting with yarn......whether it is or not....I don't just seems that way to me. Since I picked up a bag of 2 1/2 balls of pretty aqua cotton yarn, I thought I try something with it, in the interest of continueing to make progress with my granny a day project. It's about as thick as a sock yarn, but I'm not sure what the recommended hook or needle size would be. I used a 3.5mm hook....and decided to try a little and see how difficult it really was. After a lot of you tube coaching.....I've made some progress. It took me one evening (with a bit of you tubing) to make the first side....the second side was quite a bit quicker. So there you have first crocheted hot pad. I decided to try a free pattern from Priscilla Hewitt in the kitchen section called scalloped potholder. It turned out to be 6 inches (or 15cm) since I used thinner yarn than recommended by the pattern. (It would have been 8 inches had I used the recommended worsted weight yarn. I think I may try one or two more before moving on to a thinner cotton thread.....but so far so good and it has been fun!


Bean said...

great job!! The red & white one that I made is almost the exact one that my grandma and my mom's grandma had in their kitchens too - I had to copy the entire pattern booklet for my mom so she can make some too. I wish she would start mail swapping! :)

LittleRed said...

Thanks bean! I'm finishing up a second one tonight and I've picked up some size three thread to give that a go too:)