Monday, January 18, 2010

Yummy Cheesymite Scrolls and Tea

After reading a comment, in a Marmite/Vegemite discussion forum, from a rather rude person suggesting that if you didn't know what a Cheese Scrolls was you were a loser........I thought I'd better improve my social standing and get with the Cheese Scroll program. It is entertaining at the very least how worked up some people get about the goodness or badness of Marmite and also who is winning the Marmite vs Vegemite popularity contest. So in the interest of not remaining a 'loser' one minute longer......I gave this recipe and this recipe the once over. They were quite similar....and had good I gave it a go. They were a good moist biscuit and I opted to sprinkle extra cheese over the tops before baking, and I mixed the 1 tbsp of Marmite with 1 tsp of softened butter to make the spreading easier. While I liked them just fine......I have yet to succeed in getting the DH to even sample anything made with Marmite. The next test will be to see if it comes back in my son's lunch box this afternoon.

In the end, it was a quick little soda biscuit type snack that is savory in flavour. The combination of Marmite and cheddar cheese was good, and I will likely make them again sometime....especially if it passes the lunch test. Next, I would really be tempted to try this recipe since I usually prefer yeast breads to quick breads.


Lori said...

I need to try this stuff so that I can understand what everyone is talking about from Australia- and now Canada.

BTW I love your little crocheted hearts.

LittleRed said...

Good luck with it! Just be aware that it is quite a salty spread and start with much less than you think. I'd start with 1/4 tsp per piece of toast, but mix it with soft butter before trying to spread it.
Thanks, I thought the hearts were cute too...not sure what to do with them...just been slaying around.

LittleRed said...

Oops that should be playing around....I haven't been killing things here:)