Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some of These Things are Just Like the Others

Look who caught my eye in Toronto. While stopping in Toronto for a few days with Ike.......we just HAD to stop by China Town. It is one of my must do things every time I go there. This trip we had a small shopping list from Grama to complete before we could leave. The shopping is very hard work for Ike and there was a little bit of complaining........ but not too much. It was a few hours of it was good exercise too:) While in the shop we needed to stop in for Grama, I chanced upon this cute little teapot. Since I had not purchased much on this trip....I didn't feel the least bit guilty indulging in this small purchase. When I saw it I thought it might suit these little mugs I found earlier in the year in a thrift shop. Hmmmmm..... I think I may feel a collection coming on.


The Bahens said...

This is Melissa from Lulu the Baker. My husband and I were just talking about how to can berry syrup, but couldn't find a good recipe in any books we have. Would you email me your recipes? Or tell me what book to look in? Thanks!!!

speedylu at gmail dot com

LittleRed said...

Sure, I'm heading out to check out the state of the blueberries, huckleberries and Saskatoons today, so I'll need to hunt up the recipes anyway. I like to use recipes with certo or pectin powder, and just make a jelly that is not set enough. You could also leave the fruit pulp in and treat it like a jam that is improperly set. I'll email you the recipes that I find.

iCandyPhoto said...

I love these! You shud def start a collection of Owls, there are wonderful things of owls on etsy. If i were to start a collection it would definitely be cats. :)
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