Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun at Grampa's Cabin

Fishing is always a big part of Ike's visits back east. Since Gramps camp is on a lake it was only natural that a few fishing excursions needed to be had. Ike was a very busy fisherman on this trip. He caught 7 small mouth bass casting off shore (biggest was 4 lbs) on a little day trip to Crystal Lake near the US boarder. It was a fun little trip as it involved a little canoeing through pretty marsh pathways to get to the lake. (Well it was all fun aside from the tick mom acquired on that trip, but did not find until returning home) Honestly......if you find a tick on you and you scream.....and you scream......wouldn't you expect help to come????? I would advise against screaming for help at my parents house......because I can assure you.....NO ONE WILL COME. Another fishing trip up at camp yielded 6 Pike at an unnamed lake. Ike has since named it Lucky Log Lake as every single fish we caught was caught while trolling past a deadhead log. I had hoped that these Pike would be magically transformed into mom's famous Fish Balls....but no such luck....maybe next trip:( The photo above (with Ike's eyes closed...oops) was from a little after dinner fishing trip on the lake using the down rigger. That lake trout might have been on the line for a long time....who knows??? We didn't notice it until we gave up and hauled up the weight.........and surprise surprise....there was a lake trout:)
Another one of the things Ike enjoys most about the camp is the friendly squirrels and chipmunks that come looking for snacks. They are so accustomed to being fed that they will climb onto your knee and take a peanut from you. Ike thought it was great fun to hold onto the peanut and lift it and the clinging chipmunk up into the air. It took a little bit of explaining to make him understand that this type of behavior might lead to the chipmunks scratching people to get their nut. Fortunately this kind of shenanigan has stopped. It was amusing to see a chipmunk stuff three unshelled peanuts into it's cheeks before taking off to hide or eat his treasures. This day we left out a little dessert for them and they seemed to like it.
.................................And so did some other forest creatures. This fellow was a little annoyed that he couldn't pick up the entire piece. He was hoping for a less flaky crust, I think.
And is a photo that I have meant to take for years now. This is the sauna of the neighbour next door at camp. Isn't it just the cutest? Well, I've always thought so! The day at camp always ends with a sauna or at least a good washing up in Grampa's every morning the water tank in the sauna is filled, and every evening at 4 pm the fire for the sauna is lit. Sparkling clean for a good nights sleep!

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