Monday, July 20, 2009

My First Treadle Project

After some work getting the treadle machine stitching properly.........we didn't figure out that that the needles are set with the eye threaded from left to right rather than front to back until we found a manual on the internet..........I decided I needed a small project to try out the machine for myself. I had always wanted to try out this pattern. 1)because it's cute as a button and 2)because it's quite simple and quick. If you'd like to try one too go and check out the patten instructions over here. I used up some of my scrap fabric, managed to scrounge up some poly stuffing at my moms and mom also had some cotton pearl thread.......and to top it off two buttons from the button drawer in grama's treadly machine. I will pull the thread a little more tighlty on the next one to make the petals more pronounced. I may just pull out the thread and redo it come to think of it!


kiwicarole said...

You can never have too many pin cushions! Very nice. I know a lady who makes all her quilts on one of these, because it's all straight stitching.
;) Carole

LittleRed said...

I would love to make a quilt using this machine...just for the sentimental value.