Monday, September 8, 2008

A Printable Tooth Fairy Receipt

Tooth number four is officially out! It had an unceremonious exit covered in granola bar. Yuck.....It's difficult to be supportive and excited for a child that's just dropped a wad of chewed granola with a tooth stuck in it into your hand.....But I did my best.....All the while thinking "great now I have to get some cash and write a note." We've been through this a few times really I should have been more prepared. One thing I have learned about selling baby teeth to the tooth fairy is that it's best to put it in a small Ziploc bag so she doesn't have to expend a lot of energy searching for it. I mean.......she works hard for her money already doesn't she?? Plus she is so into recycling that she uses the bag again to leave her payment stub, money, and a little note in, so it's easy to find in the morning. She's so clever! Easy to find for every one but my kid.....that is! Ike came quietly to my room this morning to let me know that the tooth fairy had absconded with his precious tooth ( they don't just grow on trees you know) and left nothing behind:( After assuring him that the tooth fairy would never rip him off, I got up to find that my wild sleeper had worked the Ziploc bag down from under the pillow to halfway down the bed. But it was still there. He read the little thank you note she had left with instructions not to blow it all on candy, and was very impressed with the payment stub also left behind. Perhaps even more excited about that than the actual money which he told me I am to put in his bank account. I think he doesn't want to tick off the tooth know you can't slip one past her.....she's a sharp cookie. Since the whole receipt thing is new for Ike......he is certain that this tooth must have been a special one and that it must be of 'Trophy Tooth' quality. 'Don't ask me what that crazy fairy does with all those teeth' I said, 'I think it's all very creepy'. Ike is certain she is using them to build tooth fairy land......he thinks she must be working on an addition just like grampa is at the cabin.

In case you are in need of a tooth fairy receipt or don't feel like making your own, click on the image above and print off your own copy of what the tooth fairy left here. You my may have to reduce your margin and header heights to a minimum amount to get it to all to print out on one page without cropping. Enjoy:)


Jeannie said...

That is SO cute!


LittleRed said...

Thanks Jeannie:)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh i can answer the question about what the toothfairy does with the teeth.. cos we had to ask our TF not so long ago :)

the really shiny ones are used for the fairy castle... the not so shiny ones are ground up and used for morter to build the castle walls!!! every shiny tooth is recorded by the fairies and an everlasting record is made of which part of the castle it was used in.

Very cute receipt btw :) ours usually leaves a letter .. but she may have to become part of the new system, where every fairy has to leave a receipt as well ...