Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Cleaning, Packing, & Reminiscing

Back from a quick unanticipated trip to Calgary...... The opportunity came up for my MIL to take an opening at a seniors complex which she mulled over and decided to go ahead with. The decision was a very weighty one I'm certain; as leaving the community from which you were born and holds such history has to be very heartbreaking, but sadly necessary. There were lots of items to sift through and stories to share on origins of unusual treasures. Fortunately the new place is a good size so many of her favourite things can go with her, but the task of "house cleaning" gave rise to numerous orphaned items. Above is a silver plate flower vase with glass frog which sat in the China Cabinet for many years......I thought it might like some use, so I pinched a few of my flowers from the front garden.
Also from the china cabinet, this beautiful pair of cups and saucers made their way to my house. I am definitely going to have to do a little clean and purge of my own to make room for them. The teapot in the background is one I picked up on EBay about a year ago. It's a Royal Winton pattern that is not too common at all. My Gramma had dishes in this pattern at her farm, and I remember thinking how beautiful they were when I was a little kid. So, now when I chance upon a piece on EBay I buy it. (So if you see any of this pattern kicking around.....let me know) Curiously enough, after buying a few pieces of this pattern I have discovered that this pattern was manufactured by Royal Winton and also by Royal Windsor with minor differences. If fact, I have one piece which has been stamped by both manufacturers.
This cute set of bone china dogs was also orphaned in the big clean up, and they were so cute I just had to take them home. Honestly there was so much I would have liked to take home......I would have had to get a bigger house. These wall plaques below were very interesting and will likely be my first EBay sales experience as the MIL has requested that these be sold for her. The first one is a scene from 8th Ave in Calgary. The whole piece is molded plaster which has been painted and shows a street scene with street cars and shops.
Another similarly manufactured plaque shows an image of Calgary City Hall. To touch these pieces, it is amazing to realize how long they have remained intact and survived two generations of kids playing. The city hall one does have a chip out of the back which is not visible from the front? I'll have to ask if anyone knows the story behind that chip.
There are more treasures to unpack, but these are just a few of the things that made their way back to my house this weekend. More to come....


Cibele said...

I really loved the China! They are really beautiful!

LittleRed said...

Thanks, I haven't been able to bring myself to use them yet.