Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Little Piggie Went a Swapp'in

My second completed amigurumi. (Another free pattern from the Lion Brand Web Site.) I accidentally purchased a chunky yarn to make this pig when the instructions called for worsted weight. Ooops! I think he's still kind of cute anyway. He is now on his way to my swap partner for Beginners Amigurumi. I have found this whole crocheting in the round thing quite easy, but certainly requiring attention. I don't know how my gramma could have talked to people while crocheting. When I'm doing it, the minute anyone says anything to me I have to rip back to the beginning of the round.......and I do that plenty enough on my own. I remember gramma always could tell which side was the right side on a doily, and if she noticed one upside down in your house, she would correct the situation right away. As I am crocheting in the round on these projects, I find myself working on the inside and I have a sneaking suspicion that my amigurumi to date have all been made inside out. Maybe one day someone will look at my Ami in horror and fill me in on my error. So far, they have been fun and quick to make. I have a little bird waiting for some eyes, and a beak in my living room. When he's ready to fly I'll post him too.


Jeannie said...

OMG how cute!!!

YarnTails said...

I am the lucky recipient of the chunky piggy! I love the piggy! It's okay to make them inside out, some people prefer the "wrong" side to the "right" side! He's cute any way you look at him!