Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Crochet

Brrrrr.....there is a bit of a chill in the air, and I'm just trying to knock it off with a cup of hot Chocolate Ovaltine.  That's better....... although I might just need a little time in front of the fire place too.  I've been up to little crochet lately.  I do much less crochet than knitting.....which is not saying a lot since I don't actually do a LOT of either.  Well, let's just say that I am less competent at crochet....and that really is quite sad.  I've been slowly working my way towards working with crochet thread.   I've made quite a few things with size 3 thread, which really isn't 'thread' in my books, and have just successfully completed my first project using size 10 crochet cotton.  Yeah!  My first project using a steel crochet hook....size 7:)  The projects above are made with size 3 thread, are nice and quick, and are a nice little Valentine's Day gift.  The pattern is available for free here if you feel like making a few.  I ended up making 6 of these (Heart's Desire Doily) for the girls across the street.....a pair for each.  With the last seventh, I ran out of pink thread and finished it off with red.......I think it turned out OK too....but it sadly has no partner to match:( 
Now this is my size 10 thread project.  I made it in Valentine's colours since I have been involved in some Valentine's craft swaps which it may yet go into.  I have a love for vintage thread crochet pot holders and this (Round Pot Holder) pattern from Purple Kitty Yarns looked like an easy pattern to start with.  It is a double sided 8 inch round project, and it really was quite easy.  You pretty much have the pattern memorized by the third round on the first side.  I made it without a hanging loop as I never use them.....but one could be easily added.  I used only two colours rather that the three suggested by the pattern since I could not decide on a third colour and I wanted to use Valentine's colours.  The finer thread is slower going as there are a lot more stitches required to make the project than if were made with thicker thread.....But I'm pretty happy that I made my way through.......Next I'm thinking about a doily.  It will be a bit of a challenge to find a pattern that I like as I am most definitely not a doily person....I just want to see if I can make one.  Sadly most of the patterns that I've liked have been rated as challenging......perhaps not the best choice for my first one:)

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Kasey said...


I was just wondering if you got my email I sent you 2 days about regarding the Pastella cake serving plate you posted on your blog back in 2010? :c)
I wasnt sure if your email address listed here was still valid, please let me know if you got it?
Thank you so much! Adorable blog you have here btw, it makes me want to get creative! *lol*