Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kettle Corn...Sweet and Salty

Ike's class was asked to bring in snacks to share for their Valentine's Day party earlier this month.  He decided that he wanted to bring popcorn for his contribution.  While examining the choices of pre-made popcorn in the grocery isles....I quickly decided that this was going to be too expensive for what he would be getting.  We opted to make our own to bring in and some seasoning flavours for the kids to pick their own.  Now usually we eat popcorn straight away, so I was on the internet looking for some suggestions on how to store popcorn made in advance.  Quite accidentally I found the Rachel Ray recipe for Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn.  I was intrigued by this flavour option as I had not ever tried to make it before, and it seems to be very popular with most of the neighbourhood here.  It turned out to be exceptionally easy, and pretty yummy too.  It was so easy to make....all you need is a bit of oil, a pot, some popcorn, sugar, and salt......and of course 4 minutes of your time.  I reduced the amount of oil in from the original recipe as it was not needed as far as I could see.
Quick and Easy Kettle Corn
2 1/2 Tbsp vegetable oil (we used canola)
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1/4 cup sugar
salt to taste (we used about 3/4 tsp)

In a lidded pot, heat oil and popcorn kernels on medium high heat.  Once the oil begins to sizzle and make a bit of noise, add the sugar.  Keep the kernels moving by shaking the pot gently so they do not burn from kitting in one spot too long. a few minutes, the popcorn will begin to pop.  Continue to shake the pop gently to keep the up popped kernel at the bottom and to keep the popped ones from burning.  When the popping slow down to just a few pops here and there, remove from the heat and transfer into a large bowl.  The kernels will be a bit sticky from the melted sugar.  Sprinkle to taste with salt while stirring to distribute the salt evenly.  Once the popcorn cools a bit it will not be sticky.


Heather said...

Mum and I made this last weekend. It's really good! I couldn't stop eating it!


LittleRed said...

Hey you guys!! I've been thinking about you all:) Hope you are all well! Glad you liked it.