Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Mouse Trap

Making the fruit chutney in my previous post was all so I could try the Edmonds Mousetrap recipe.  For those of you not familiar with them....as I was not.  A mousetrap is a snack composed of some type of spread on bread covered with cheese which may or may not be toasted.  In the case of the Edmonds recipe....the spread was of course chutney, and the snack was in fact toasted....twice.  As per the Edmonds directions....you should:
  1. toast one side of your bread
  2. spread the untoasted side of the bread with chutney
  3. top with shredded cheese and minced onion
  4. pop it all back in the toaster oven to melt the cheese
  5. garnish with chopped parsley
  6. salt and pepper to taste
Now, after trying this....I would recommend using chopped onion greens rather than minced onion as you would get a bit of colour for garnish and a milder onion flavour as well.  All and all, a nice little snack....This is based on the fact that I alone have almost finished my first jar of chutney filling myself with these tasty little snacks.  Ike however does not share my fondness for these.......he's not quite sure of what he thinks of the chutney I think.....perhaps a different spread for him then....


SoozieSuzy said...

I am delighted you enjoyed mousetraps. My favourite food...my kids call them "cheese on." Marmite/Vegemite, tomato relish or tomato sauce (ketchup) are other favourite spreads before the cheese. Sometimes the cheese has small pieces of ham or bacon chopped on top or slices of tomatoes. Often rather than grilling I just put the toppings on and bake the bread in the oven. My daughter and I like tomato puree spread, then chopped basil,finely chopped red onion and capsicum before a cheese layer...becomes more like pizza.

LittleRed said...

Hi Suzy!
I managed to finish my first jar of chutney pretty much all by myself as I could not stop making (and eating) these. I will most definitely have to explore other spread options for Ike:) Thanks for all the suggestions...they all sound worth a try!

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